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My Gilded Story

Welcome to the Gilded Iguana Family!

My name is Alex and I’m proud to be a part of the greater Nosara community. If you’ve been to the Gilded Iguana, you probably have seen me roaming around the space, finding a new source of inspiration to get my creative juices flowing. If you haven’t met me yet (I hope we do in-person), I’m responsible for the sourcing and creative direction of all things retail at the Gilded Iguana. Two focal points for me are the Iguana Shop, housed in the hotel, and Iguana Outfitters, our standalone retail store located in the Gilded Iguana Athletic Center. 

My journey to Nosara, like many others, is unique. Six years ago, random encounters brought people, from various corners of the world, to create a space that reflects the charm of Nosara and sets a tone for contemporary Costa Rican design.                            

For me, Nosara represents a slice of heaven where waves and wildlife coexist and showcase the splendor of its natural beauty. I instantly fell in love with the place and its people. There is in inexplicable feeling that permeates through Nosara that you will feel once you visit us. Alternatively you can bring a piece of the #gildedvibe back to where you call home.
My upbringing was always defined by appreciating life’s simple pleasures. As I’ve navigated through different stages of my life, I’ve always wanted to return to those times where you can enjoy the environment surrounding you and make an impact.
Having had the opportunity to live different European countries, I spent my last 15 years in Paris working in the retail and fashion industry in various roles. This is where I developed my passion for sourcing quality products and creative design.

Collaboration is key and my mission is to invite artists to co-create with me and be part of this vision to bring a bit of Nosara home. At the Iguana Shop, you’ll find a curated selection of pieces, conceived by local Costa Rican artisans.

Like Nosara, our stores are a community that are woven together with various voices telling their story. We aren’t just any store. With our newly launched online retail platform we want to bring in high-quality items that capture the spirit of Nosara’s very own #Gildedvibe. Our pieces represent the active outdoor, beach lifestyle that we all embrace in Nosara.
There is a strong community present here powered by our love for the ocean and nature. We wish to put a spotlight on local and hand picked international artisans and designers to increase visibility of their talent.

I’m very excited for this next phase of the retail movement as a piece of the #Gildedvibe can be brought home or shipped to you anywhere in the US.

Embrace the vibes!