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What is the Gilded vibe?| Costa Rican beach and surf lifestyle

The inspiration for the #Gildedvibe was born from this innate desire to preserve the entrancing effect that Nosara has on all of us. When we are here, we find the time to explore, to live, to laugh, to be free and most of all, unite. The #Gildedvibe epitomizes togetherness. No matter what you are doing—whether you are surfing, practicing yoga, mountain biking, embracing a healthy lifestyle—we all are here, greeted by the constant wave of affection shared by the greater Nosara community. 

The #Gildedvibe is all about our collective passion to extend the beauty of Nosara to anyone who has the opportunity to come and experience this special place. A community is fostered here and we are excited to welcome you to join us in this journey. 

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